Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event has been postponed. Please stay tuned to Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre for updates.

Presented by Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre

Shoes accompany us on our journeys. They are with us wherever we go, they say who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

The Shoe Project is a national initiative that amplifies the voices of Canadian immigrant and refugee women through storytelling. In November, a group of immigrant and refugee women will begin working with veteran Canadian playwright Conni Massing to write stories of their arrival and adaptation to Canada centred around a pair of shoes they have worn. When their stories are completed, each woman will be coached by local theatre professionals and then tell their story for audiences in a revelatory public performance.

“I have never imagined I could be standing in front of an audience sharing a personal story in English. The Shoe Project has been the most empowering experience of my life. — Natalia Rodriguez Bussi, Uruguay

“I’ve been blown away. Those women are amazing, their stories [are] bold and brave and filled with humour, love, and all the travails of making their journeys here. I loved the various shoes, the boots, the “slippers”. What an outstanding project!” — Catherine Mitchell, publisher