Since our beginning in 2013, SkirtsAfire has had an Honorary Skirt. Each year when we consider who we should choose for our next Honorary Skirt, we look for a woman who is well known for her work, accomplishments and community spirit; who inspires greatness from other women. Someone who is passionate and clearly connected to the community she serves.

Stephanie Harpe
Honorary Skirt 2022

Stephanie Harpe is an International Advocate for MMEIP Murdered or Missing and Exploited Indigenous Peoples, Murder Attempt Survivor and Family member who was a part of public testimony for the National Inquiry. Keynote Speaker for United Nations, traveled 45 Indigenous communities in western Canada and hosted MMEIP support group for 3 years. Completed 2 provincial action plans for Alberta for the National Action Plan, Grassroots works with oppressed people on human rights, safety and security. Developed 16 topics for Wellness and Safety Super clinics, lived experience coaching. Invited to London, Dubai and Malaysia for the largest youth conferences in the world to speak the truth of how Indigenous people have to survive their own country called Canada. Tedx Talk titled Indigenous Suffering and Survival to Success. An award nominated Singer and songwriter for Stephanie Harpe Experience (S.H.E.), Actress and former casting agent for local to Hollywood productions. 

Dr. Wanda Costen
Honorary Skirt 2021

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Muriel Stanley Venne

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