Army & Navy windows, 10411 82 Ave
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are reimagining our Visual Art Exhibit in a brand new, safe location. Our Visual Art Exhibit will be displayed in the display windows of the Army & Navy March 4-31.

EXTENDED DATES: Displayed March 4-31, 2021

*Reminder to please wear a mask, social distance, and do not gather. 

Systemic Contractions // Covid Collections

Welcome to the pandemic, a time of unrest where blame and irresponsibility are on the rise, and sound leadership seems to be lacking. As impacts ripple outwards, there are disproportionate negative effects on the elderly, frontline workers, those without jobs, the racialized and disenfranchised communities.

Where does art in all its forms fit into this equation? How can the producers and makers of this time reach an audience that is further than six feet away at all times? How might we focus on a better future when crisis burnout and the fight for survival continues?

The focus of this exhibition is on the immediate need of connection. Finding a moment in this oppositionally charged time to focus on the desire for intimacy.

The need to be seen, heard, and felt.

A deep want to be recognized and accepted as we are.

This exhibition is an invitation to connect to three artists’ experiences and find solace in meeting their expressions. Therein lies the potential of two or more essences meeting and finding fluid rebirth without the weight of judgment. If you are seeking stillness, these creative expressions may be a way to discover connection, empathy, and a wealth of feeling.

We invite you to seek curiosity and take a tour of this exhibition!

Raneece Buddan
Shawnee Danielle
Kailene Dillon
Stephanie Florence

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