Four women standing on stage facing forwards and gesturing towards the audience.Image Description: A photo of four women standing side by side on stage with their arms reaching forward and their hands palms downward. Their hands are slightly blurred as they are in a vibrating motion. Each woman wears a distinct colour fabric for their costume. From left to right: On the far left is a  Filipina woman, she has long black hair and wears black shirt, red pants and sash. Beside her, left of centre, is a white woman, she has long curly brown hair and wears a white draping fabric like a dress. On her right is a Black woman, right of centre, she has a short fro and is wearing a bright green shirt. Beside her, is a Vietnamese woman who has her black hair tied in a high bun and is wearing a dark blue robe . Photo by Andrew Alexander at Great Canadian Theatre Company (2022).

Speaking Vibrations

 Presented by SkirtsAfire in partnership with SOUND OFF: A Deaf Theatre Festival

a single sign told a story…
she lifts her hand. sound moves through her, and within me.
she signs my sensations. my fears and dreams fall out in her rhythm.
something stirs in me …
what happens when I come into contact with a body in all its forms?
when I see in my feet, hear in my hands and speak in vibrations?


Speaking Vibrations is a uniquely immersive and style-defying performance. It is about four women who discover their own stories through finding and connecting with one another. The story is told through ASL song/poetry, percussive dance, movement, spoken word and song. This show uses creative captions, vibrotactile devices and audio description.


 March 6-7, 2024
Wednesday, March 6 at 7:30pm
Thursday, March 7 at 12:00pm (Q&A to follow)
Thursday, March 7 at 7:30pm

Westbury Theatre, Fringe Theatre Arts Barns
10330 84 Ave NW

Tickets are $27 for adults and $21 for students/seniors (plus applicable fees). 10 Pay-What-You-Can tickets available. Purchase your tickets here!

Tickets at the door will be subject to availability. Due to limited capacity, we highly recommend securing your seat in advance!

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Speaking Vibrations is a performance collective that practices in ASL song/poetry, music and dance, and creates accessible, inclusive and integrative performance experiences. We are based out of Ottawa, Ontario the unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg.

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To watch or listen to the Speaking Vibrations ASL Promo Video, click here or watch below by clicking the play icon.

About the Performance & Accessibility Information

Age Rating
G – General Audiences (All ages admitted)

Show Experience
90 minutes (with pre-show note, vibrotactile test and warnings) 

OFFICIAL Duration of Performance
60 minutes 

Content Warnings
One scene, performed in visual vernacular, references the history of enslaved African peoples being trafficked on a ship. Some viewers might find this scene distressing. Other themes: mental health issues/struggles, ableism and racism.

Sensory Warnings
Loudness – There is some loudness in vocal singing and tap dancing.
Darkness – The theatre becomes dark due to video projections.
Vibration – Select audience members can experience the show with a vibrotactile device. Audience members are free to not use their device if they choose.

Accessibility Needs
Please indicate at ticket checkout if you have additional accessibility needs and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Audio Description
Audio Description offers verbal commentary outlining events happening onstage: set and costume descriptions, body language and non-verbal actions. To listen to audio description, please download “Live Voice” from Apple or Google Play on your mobile phone, and bring your own headphones to the show. Wifi Available at Westbury. 

Creative Captions
Performers’ words appear on a screen at the same time as they are signed, spoken or sung. Creative captions have animations with different fonts, colours and shapes. 

ASL Performance and ASL Interpretation
This show integrates ASL song/poetry as a performance language. Pre-show announcements and post show Q&A will be interpreted in ASL.

Vibrotactile Devices
Handheld vibrotactile devices allow select audience members to experience sound as feeling and vibration. There are a limited number of devices that will be prioritized for Deaf, hard of hearing and DeafBlind patrons.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have a medical condition that may be aggravated by intense vibration or magnets, do NOT use or be near the vibrotactile devices. Please ensure you are distant from these devices as it is the vibrations themselves that can cause issues. If you have a condition that means you can’t use a vibrotactile device, and you are sitting at or near a vibrotactile device, please tell a staff member or a volunteer to assist you to move to a different seat. 

T-Coil Loops/Hearing Assistance
The Westbury Theatre is equipped with T-Coil Loops. To use the system, ask your hearing aid provider to activate your t-coil function. When you arrive at the theatre, switch your hearing aid to your t-coil function and adjust the volume as needed. Note: T-Coil users may be listening to audio description.

Deaf Interpreter/Intervener/Tactile Interpretation
If you require hand-over-hand, pro tactile, close vision or other Deaf Interpreting services, please contact and before booking a ticket.

Service Dogs
In accordance with Alberta legislation, certified service dogs can go anywhere their humans go. We ask that you keep your non-certified pets at home.

Support Person
If you require an attendant, aide, or companion, they are still required to have a ticket. Contact or call 780-409-1910 to book a complimentary ticket for a support person or support people.

Wheelchair Users
Please indicate at ticket checkout if you are a wheelchair user or contact or call 780-409-1910 to book space for your wheelchair. Please note that unless box office is notified in advance, wheelchair seats may be released to other patrons 15 minutes before the show begins.

Venue Accessibility:
To view the Westbury Theatre Venue Accessibility, visit the Fringe Festivals page and scroll to the bottom here.

Click here for SkirtsAfire’s Accessibility Information & FAQ



creators & performers | Jo-Anne Bryan, Carmelle Cachero, King Kimbit, & Jordan Samonas
producers | Carmelle Cachero & Jordan Samonas
stage & production manager
 | Kat Wong
director/dramaturg & voice talent | Jacqui Du Toit
Deaf culture director | Pamela Witcher
lighting design
| Emilio Sebastiao
projection & video designer
 | Lesley Marshall
vibrotactile designers
 | David Bobier & Jim Ruxton (VibraFusionLab)
team interpreters | Marianne Kelly & Andrea Konowalec
accessibility & audio description consultants
 | Drea and Jessica Watkin

For full bios of the Artistic Team, click here.

Jo-Anne Bryan
Creator, Performer

[Image Description: Black and white headshot of a woman, Jo-Anne, who has long braided hair and is wearing earrings. She is smiling at the camera.]

Carmelle Cachero
Creator, Performer, Producer

[Image Description: Black and white headshot of a woman, Carmelle, who has long hair swept over one shoulder, and is smiling slightly at the camera.]

King Kimbit
Creator, Performer

[Image Description: Black and white headshot of a woman, King Kimbit, who has long, dark hair, and is wearing a long necklace, glasses and cardigan. She is wearing earrings and looking to the right.]

Jordan Samonas
Creator, Performer, Producer

[Image Description: Black and white headshot of a woman, Jordan, whose hair is swept over one shoulder, and is smiling widely at the camera.]

Kat Wong
Stage & Production Manager

[Image Description: Kat is standing in front of a dark background wearing a leather jacket and looking at the camera. Her head is tilted to the left with a slight smile.]

Jacqui Du Toit
Director/Dramaturg, Audio Describer

[Image Description: Jacqui Du Toit. A brown skinned woman in front of black backdrop and wearing a black dress. She has wavy black hair and dark brown eyes looking at the camera with a slight hint of a smile.]

Pamela Witcher
Deaf Culture Director

[Image Description: A black and white drawing of Pamela, who is depicted with short wavy hair and glasses, with a slight smile.]

Emilio Sebastiao
Lighting Designer

[Image Description: Emilio Sebastiao, an adult male with light-brown skin, short buzzed hair on the sides, and slightly longer curlier hair on top, looking to the side with his hand under his chin. Grayscale portrait.]

Lesley Marshall
Projection & Video Designer

[Image Description: A black and white photo of Lesley who is standing in front of plants and foliage. Lesley has long, wavy hair and is wearing glasses. One hand with painted nails with a ring on one finger is cupping Lesley’s face.]

Jim Ruxton
Vibrotactile Specialist (VibraFusionLab)

[Image Description: A black and white photo of Jim who is wearing a button up shirt with spots on it. He is looking up towards the camera, which is at a higher angle.]

David Bobier
Vibrotactile Specialist (VibraFusionLab)

[Image Description: Photo of a man with a moustache, David, who is wearing a dark sweater. He is working with a machine and wearing glasses.]

Accessibility and Audio Description Consultant

[Image Description: Black and white headshot of a white woman, Drea, smiling with long loose curly hair and square glasses.]

Dr. Jess Watkin
Accessibility and Audio Description Consultant

[Image Description: A black and white photo of a person, Jess, smiling at the camera, wearing dark-rimmed glasses and a black shirt. Her chin is resting on one hand, and the other arm is resting on a table. ]

Thank you to our Funders and Supporters

Speaking Vibrations gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Ottawa.