Our Values

SkirtsAfire is an organization focused on innovation within a culture of kindness and respect. We are open and collaborative with diverse voices in our community. We strive to be accountable and in a state of learning and evolution.

Our Vision

SkirtsAfire empowers artists and audiences.We create space for women’s artistic expression to be cultivated, experienced and shared. We are diverse, inclusive and daring.

Our Mission

SkirtsAfire is a diverse and inclusive theatre and multidisciplinary arts festival that empowers its artists.We value the voices of all women. We create and showcase art for everyone to experience and enjoy.We foster a collaborative environment for both new and familiar perspectives in our artists and audiences.Our festival provides an opportunity to open and transform minds; turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

“Performing at SkirtsAfire was the spark that incited our collective, a group of ten artists with completely different backgrounds and stories, to defy the stereotype that women are weak, and to showcase how beautiful it is to see women working together to support each other.”

– Sandra Olarte, Aerial Artist

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I will be forever grateful to SkirtsAfire and its remarkable team for opening doors and offering a platform for my voice, and others like me.”

– Christine Lesiak, Playwright & Performer