Job Description | Festival Coordinator

Festival Coordinator, SkirtsAfire Festival

Job Description:

Responsible for helping the Managing Director and Artistic Director with contracting, administration, event coordination, fundraising, audience development and “on the ground” coordination of the 10 day festival which runs March 7 to 17, 2019.

Part time averaging about 12 hours per week with extended full-time hours leading up to and during the festival.

This is a 7 to 8 month position (August or September – March).

Compensation range: $4800 to $5800

Responsibilities Include:

Administration (40% Total):

HR & Communications–25%

  • Assisting the Managing Director with hiring and contracting SCIP students
  • Assisting the Managing Director with contracting administrative staff for the festival
  • Assisting the Artistic Director with contracting for the Production Manager, Technical Director, and other members of the production team
  • Maintaining gmail group lists for artists, volunteers, membership, donors, and sponsors
  • Assisting the Managing Director with writing and sending thank you’s for artists, donors, and sponsors
  • Assisting the Managing Director with maintaining festival databases

Festival Artists – 15%:

  • Administrating Letters of Agreement and contracts for artists
  • Assisting the Artistic Director with artists communications

Audience Development, Marketing & Publicity  (Total 60%):

Marketing & Audience Development – 25%

  • Maintaining e-newsletter subscriptions
  • Organizing door prizes, contests, and raffles as a way to collect more contacts & e-mails leading up to and during the festival
  • Writing copy for various marketing materials
  • Assisting with photoshoots and video shoots for marketing purposes when needed
  • Creating and delivering e-mail invites and organizing list of recipients for various festival events
  • Coordinating special events
  • Assisting with pick up and distribution of print materials
  • Facilitating the festival survey, including a post-festival report

Event Coordination – 25%

  • Securing liquor licensing
  • Soliciting and organizing door prizes for the festival
  • Creating signage for the festival
  • Inviting VIP’s to the festival
  • Helping where needed throughout the Festival – “On the ground” project management, including coordinating multiple events, staff, and volunteers
  • Assisting the Managing Director with managing SCIP students during the festival
  • Helping with strike of the festival including post-festival returns and cleaning of the venues

Fundraising – 10%:

  • Helping the Fundraising Committee organize and execute annual event, including managing the master business list
  • Facilitating the mail-out of private donor campaign
  • Assisting the Casino Chair in organizing the next Casino (Labor Day weekend 2018), including soliciting volunteers
  • Assisting as needed with grant writing


  • A passion for the arts and SkirtsAfire in particular
  • Experience with event planning and on-site project coordination
  • Strong writing skills
  • Familiarity with Word, Google Docs, and Excel Programs as well as using gmail
  • Strong organizational skills and highly detail-oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong customer service skills, in person and in email correspondences
  • Ability to multi-task well and remain calm
  • Ability to provide positive and creative leadership to a team of SCIP students and volunteers
  • Must be reliable and self-motivated, have a positive attitude, and be a good team member
  • Knowledge of basic festival protocol a plus

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