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emBODYment: Aerial, Drumming & Dance

March 6, 2022 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Tickets are $18 for adults and $15 for students/seniors (plus applicable fees) and are available here.

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COVID-19 POLICY: Proof of vaccination, proof of a medical exemption of vaccination, or proof of a negative pharmacy test within 72 hours, along with ID, will be checked upon entering the Westbury Theatre. Masks must be worn at all times, except when consuming food or beverages in the lobby while seated. Please note that proof of vaccination is not required to enter the ATB Financial Arts Barns Lobby, which houses the Fringe Grounds Café, the entrance to the Westbury Theatre, and SkirtsAfire’s art installation. Read more.



No Alcohol will be served at the Westbury Theatre during our festival events.
We invite festival patrons (as our respectful relatives) to hold a courageous space for Ayita, our MainStage Westbury production, by sitting with, and being present with an open mind and heart as did the ancestors of this land. There are medicines in the performance and in the lobby; works of art, stories and ceremony that require protocols and a clean space of no alcohol or substances.






emBODYment is a brand new event to SkirtsAfire! Four different groups come together to bring us an array of awe-inspiring movement pieces including dance, drumming and aerial – all in one evening of impactful moments in motion.


Drumming, Music & Aerial

By Rabbits Three Cultural Connections with Sandra Olarte, Dan Torres, and Carley Okamura

Rabbits Three Cultural Connections is a performance company that focuses on innovative work in the cultural arts. R3 believes in art as a tool to express the human experience interacting in our society- identity, history, conflict, and emotion. In “Aequilibrium”, the Japanese drums and flute are paired with the aerial silks to express the common struggle of balance in daily life, and the problems with over-productivity culture.

Artists Supported by Kathleen & Denis Meyer

Viva Dance

Artists Supported by Rebecca Schulte

A collection of Viva Dance Company‘s latests works including pieces from their fringe show, “Water.” Viva Dance is an indie company that strives to empower professional dancers in and out of the studio.

Movement Carousel

Kindling is a contemporary dance piece that celebrates the manifestation of unity that we feel is globally emerging. This project is a return to life and life-giving connections. Integrating the elements found in nature will help to demonstrate what we feel humanity is headed towards; a reciprocal relationship between us and nature. As our concept reveals, you will see dancers representing dynamics found in nature that coexist together, surrounded by the voice of musician Karen Porkka.

Mitra – The Guardian of Life
Shivamanohari Company

Artists Supported by Annette Loiselle & Terry Coyes

Surya astakam

An octet poem describes the beauty of SUN (Surya in Sanskrit)

The magnificent power, brightens the entire world with new hope. He is the source of all creatures and because of him, life on earth is still sustained. Surya’s iconography is depicted as riding a golden chariot drawn by seven mares, here seven might represents Seven colors of the rainbow or seven days in a week or seven chakras in the body (power centers).

In this presentation you would see the dancers raise in calm as the first rays of the Sun on his chariot slowly gaining speed as the day progresses. The dancers describe the beauty of Sun in his white robes, holding a white lotus in his hand. As the octet comes to end the dancers are seen depicting the sunset and Sun’s chariot coming to a slow halt.


The grand finale of the presentation is a Tarangam  this describes the attributes of the adult Krishna, the enchanter of the Gopis, portraying the handsome Krishna dancing the Raas with the Gopis in Brindavan., this is a fast-paced masterpiece performed on the rim of a brass plate.




March 6, 2022
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Westbury Theatre, Fringe Theatre Arts Barns
10330 84 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2G9 Canada
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