Playing at various events at SkirtsAfire Festival, March 4-14, and online March 4-31.

So many stories in this time of stillness, of regeneration, of loss, of rewiring, of slowing down, of the unknown. Each of us has our circle of friends, family and colleagues that we move through. We understand their stories, live through their pain and joy. Covid Collections wants to crack that open and bring new experiences to light; the people we don’t know or understand. It’s a tribute to the people we encounter daily behind their masks and in their own spaces. Our goal is to document this human experience that takes so many forms depending on who you are, where you come from and the privilege you may or may not have access to. Covid Collections is dedicated to the lives of those we’ve lost during this time of upheaval.

Artistic Team
Annette Loiselle, Artistic Director
Katie Hudson, Videographer
Aaron Macri, Sound & Mix
Binaifer Kapadia, Composer
Lebogang Disele, Story Collector & Storyteller
Sang Sang Lee, Story Collector
Jodi Calahoo-Stonehouse, Story Collector
Mackenzie Brown, Drumming | Singing | Story Collector
Stephanie Florence | Visual Art Curator
Ruth Autumn June | Storyteller
Carol Powder | Storyteller
Krystle Hong | Storyteller
Soni Dasmohapatra | Storyteller
Eunice Gatama | Storyteller
Nelly Gatama | Storyteller
Roxann Roan | Storyteller