December 15 @ 8pm

Capitol Theatre, Fort Edmonton Park
7000 143 St NW, Edmonton

    Tickets on sale here and include your admission to the market (a savings of $17!)

Enjoy SkirtsAfire’s own brand of variety that has become a staple in their festival each March, now with a holiday twist! Get ready for an explosive mix of drumming, music and comedy plus a dash of Christmas storytelling all in one night of fabulous entertainment. This unique evening will give you a small taste of what SkirtsAfire is all about each year. 


Lise – Music Performance

Lise’s spontaneous writing style reflects her day to day life thoughts, interactions, experiences and imaginations, while also laying out all of her emotions and feelings for all to see. Her vision is to musically capture pieces of a picture in hopes that when you eventually put everything together you’ll get a glimpse of what’s actually going on inside her head, and maybe see what makes Lise… Lise.

“So at the end of the day I make music to figure out more about myself and to figure out… who am I?”

Erin Pettifor (she/her) – Stigma, Pistol & Style Clown Show

A bartender. On a break. In the bathroom. Peeing on a stick. 
Erin is a queer Albertan theatre performer and creator. She graduated from the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting program in 2018. She was delighted to play the role of Beth in Opera NUOVA’s Little Women in October 2021. Erin collaborated and performed in Live on TV!, an online live stream program as part of the 2021 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. For Play the Fool Festival 2018 & 2019, she created and performed (Lady Be Good and Minor Pains: Prenatal Piercing and other Pregnancy Prep). After its premiere at the Calgary Fringe in 2022, she has plans to perform her solo physical theatre show Stigma, Pistil and Style with director Jacqueline Russell, at the 2023 Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Erin has performed in the Edmonton International Fringe Festival various times, with Theatre YES (Slight of Mind), and with Prime Stock Theatre (Twelfth Night & The Other Side of the Pole). In 2015, she graduated from Red Deer College’s Theatre Performance and Creation Program. She has Pochinko clown training through the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance, has taken the National Voice Intensive, and participated in the Good Women Dance Collective Creative Incubator.


Korock & Jeon’s TKD – Korean Drumming and TKD

KoRock is an abbreviation of Korean Rock in English. In Korean words, KoRock (pronounced [ka-rak]) represents a type of music that synchronizes beat and rhythm with low, mid, and high tones. Taekwondo is Korean Traditional martial arts training, physically and mentally – Tae, meaning to kick or jump; Kwon, meaning fist or hand; and Do, which means “the way.” This performance will show the collaboration of Jeon’s Taekwondo & KoRock – the Taekwondo technical kickings and traditional movements with drumming beats and rhythms coming from traditional Korean beats. 

Amelia Kaminski – Fiddle

Amelia Kaminski is a professional Edmonton-based musician with over 40 years of experience.

Although she began her studies in classical music, she became passionate about traditional musical styles including Scottish, Irish, French-Canadian, Metis, and Old Time to name a few.

Amelia weaves the tunes together with storytelling, creating a wonderful opportunity for the audience to use their imagination!